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Roy W. Macdonald FGA, DGA

Bespoke Jewellery Designer PO Box 100, Callander, FK17 8ZR Tel 07710 544321

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Bespoke Design Service



My understanding of a Bespoke Jewellery Designer is one who would be commissioned

to design a one off piece of Jewellery.



I have studied many of the online so called Bespoke Designers.

Most of them seem to have items in stock or restrict your options to a favoured selection of mounts

and settings which is not Bespoke in my book.

Connection with them is distant and your advice is given by one of

Their ‘Faceless’ Consultants.



Private meetings with My Clients are an essential part of


 My Way


Where-ever you may be living or working I am happy to travel to meet with you.

I believe that all my clients should have a reasonable understanding of the many aspects of

diamond grading known as the 4 C’s.


Equally as important to me, is to understand from my clients the 4 W’s,


What Where Why & When



I am very fortunate to be able to work with a dedicated Team of Suppliers,

Mount Makers, Setters and Polishers.

Independent Individuals who have their own very talented Skill bases.



It is occasionally possible to have that Special Piece available within a few days.





Rwm Design Ltd


Create Your bespoke Family Heirloom

With a design that will live