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Roy W. Macdonald FGA, DGA

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A basic understanding of Crystallography will help you appreciate the Beauty of the Crystals and you may gain a better understanding, and perhaps a deeper enjoyment while viewing them.


Most Minerals are, as we say, Crystalline.  Various Atoms, the basic constituents of all matter, are arranged geometrically in an orderly atomic structure, in so-called Lattices.  These Lattices are the very reason for the development of Crystal forms. There are a few exceptions to this structure for example Amber, Jet, Obsidian, Tektites, Opal and ‘Metamict’ Gems are non-crystalline and are termed amorphous. more



The Seven Crystal Systems more

Occasionally minerals grow in open cavities, in rocks and veins, with no limitations to spatial expansion.  In these rare cases crystals develop flat faces, resulting in distinct Crystal Forms. Basic geometry classifies these Forms into seven different crystal systems that are defined by Symmetry and Angle elements.