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Roy W. Macdonald FGA, DGA

Bespoke Jewellery Designer PO Box 100, Callander, FK17 8ZR Tel 07710 544321

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The creativity of Nature is astounding

As we continue to erode our planet, we do with mixed blessings.


On one hand we continue to mine finite mineral resources to our planets detriment.

On the other, we unearth stunning examples of Her complexity.


We survive on this planet because Nature allows us to.

We must not allow our so called need’s, our requirements, or as some of low intellect say

Our God given Right, to damage Her.


I believe that global warming is a completely natural event, possibly speeded up by our intervention,  that gives Nature the ability to clean her home, our planet,  from geological time to geological time, say every 100 millions or so.


This ability of Mother Nature to cleans Herself is Her sanctity.


When we treat Her with great care, respect and understanding, occasionally, very rarely, will Mother Nature reward us with ' Flowers from Her Kingdom'